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1962 Topps  Thanks to Jake Elwell and Rich Labs!

18(Mgr's Dream), 33(Larsen),  107(McCormick), 133(F. Alou), 155(Miller), 199(Perry), 226(Giants Team), 260(Pierce), 300(Mays),  322(Dark), 356(Haller), 377(Orsino), 390(Cepeda AS), 395(Mays AS), 413(M. Alou),  480(Kuenn), 505(Marichal), 538(Sanford), 544(McCovey), 565(Pagan), 578(Duffalo)

1963 Topps         Thanks, Rich Labs

3(NL HR), 30(Kuenn), 128(M. Alou), 138(Pride of NL), 147(WS), 235(O'Dell), 258(Dark), 300(Mays), 325(Sanford), 331(Series Foes), 474(Fisher), 490(McCovey), 520(Cepeda), 545(Pagan), 567(Duffalo)

1964 Topps  (Thanks, Aaron Shirley, Len M and Rich Labs)

3(NL Pitch), 9(NL HR), 123(Pagan), 150(Mays),  280(Marichal),  306(Giant Gunners), 313(Hiller), 328(Shaw), 414(Sanford), 423(Tops in NL), 452(Giants Rookies), 468(Perry), 485(Haller), 513(Larsen), and 573(Duffalo)

1965 Topps  Thanks to Len M. and Rich Labs

4(NL HR), 6(NL RBI), 118(Lanier), 176(McCovey), 193(Perry), 213(Davenport), 250(Mays), 282(Giant's RK's), 318(M. Alou), 444(Hendley), 465(Haller), 497(Giants Team), 512(Peterson)

1966 Topps  (Thanks, John Stamper)

1(Mays),  496(McDaniel), 524(Giants Rookies), 537(Franks), 550(McCovey), 572(Priddy), and 598(Perry)

1967 Topps     Thanks to Rich Labs!

26(Priddy), 83(O. Brown), 200(Mays), 234(NL ERA), 236(NL Pitch), 244(NL HR), 320(Perry), 332(J. Alou), 383(Henderson), 423(Fence Busters), 441(Davenport), 454(Marichal AS), 462(Barton), 480(McCovey), 500(Marichal), 516(Giants Team), 541(Gibbon), 579(Henry)

1968 Topps  Thanks to Rich Labs

5(NL HR), 9(NL Pitch), 11(NL KO), 32(Gibbon), 85(Perry), 104(Dietz), 107(Marichal CL), 333(Herbel), 452(J. Alou), 525(Davenport), 545(McDaniel)

1969 Topps  Thanks to Rich Labs

2(NL ERA), 6(NL HR), 8(NL Pitch), 41(Barton), 102(Davenport), 204(Hiatt), 251(Herbel),  293(Dietz), 345(Linzy), 392(Burda), 440(McCovey), 464(Marshall), 517(McCormick), 555(Hart),  584(Mason), 604(Etheridge), 664(Hunt)

1970 Topps  (Thanks, Taylor Schock and Aaron Shirley)

 466(Marichal AS), 579(McMahon), 560(Perry), 624(King), 651(Gosger), 681(Garibaldi), 696(Giants Team)

1971 Topps   (Thanks, Taylor Schock and Aaron Shirley)

276(Rookies), 545(Dietz), 563(Giants Team), 600(Mays), 728(NL OF), 738(Gibson)

1972 Topps   (Thanks, Taylor Schock)

50(Mays, IA),  366(Rosario), 403(Cumberland), 427(Fuentes), 428(Fuentes, IA), 443(Henderson), 444(Henderson, IA), 509(McMahon),  568(Marichal, IA), 663(Healy), 682(McCormick), 693(Gallagher), 694(Gallagher, IA), 711(Bonds), 720(McDowell), 733(Hart)

1973 Topps   Big Thanks to John Stamper and Taylor Schock

1(HR Leaders),  410(McCovey), 434(Giants),  538(Hart), 557(Williams), 651(Carrithers)

1974 Topps   Thanks, Don Roth, Jake Elwell, Taylor Schock and Greg Henthorn x2

104(Bryant), 305(Fuentes), 344(Caldwell),  386(Matthews), 455(Bradley),  599(Rookies)

1975 Topps  Thanks, John Miller and Greg Henthorn

 192(MVP Mays), 203(MVP Mays), 207(MVP McCovey), 529(Thomasson), 620(Rookies)

1976 Topps  (Thanks, Mike Salinsky, Greg Henthorn and Ron Hoehne)

  133(Matthews), 596(Rookies), 630(Speier), 644(Bradley)

1977 Topps  (Thanks, Ron Hoehne, Mike Salinsky and Greg Henthorn)

 129(Sadek),  343(Halicki), 476(Rookies)

1979 Topps   Thanks, Greg Henthorn x3

  84(Minton), 110(V. Blue), 486(Knepper), 726(Prospects)

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